Why use ipcuu?

We continuously run a highly efficient and accurate public network agent collection system, which scans tens of thousands of agents every day. The latest agents can always be included in the first time.

We accurately detect the anonymity, response time, data transmission speed, region and operator of each proxy IP. On average, each IP is detected hundreds of times a day, so you can always find a proxy here that can work properly.

We provide a wealth of proxy screening and API interfaces for more convenient extraction.

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Free HTTP Proxy List(2019-10-22)

IP PORT Anonymity Type get/post Support Position Response speed Last verification time匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST朝阳--联通0.44秒2分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST阜新--联通0.30秒7分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST焦作--联通0.61秒5分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST岳阳--电信0.25秒7分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST台州--电信0.26秒7分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST潍坊--电信0.10秒9分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST怀化--电信0.55秒8分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST淄博--联通0.89秒10分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST唐山--联通0.62秒7分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST长春--联通0.44秒2分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST上海--电信0.26秒6分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST菏泽--电信0.82秒8分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST维吾尔自治区博尔塔拉蒙古自治--电信0.65秒4分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST大连--联通0.65秒6分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST岳阳--电信0.55秒10分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST北京--移动0.54秒5分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST枣庄--联通0.45秒9分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST太原--联通0.41秒10分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST怀化--电信0.48秒7分钟前匿名HTTP, HTTPSGET, POST深圳--电信0.57秒4分钟前

Note: The response speed in the table is the test data of the Chinese speed measuring server for reference only. The response speed varies according to the location of your machine.

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